Mortgage Contracting Services Celebrates Five Years in Ruston, Louisiana
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Sep 18, 2017 | News

LEWISVILLE, Texas—Mortgage Contracting Services, LLC, or MCS, a national provider of services to the mortgage industry, celebrates the five-year anniversary of the company’s Ruston, Louisiana, office.

“Our Ruston location has thrived over the last five years.” said Caroline Reaves, Chief Executive Officer of MCS, which has offices in Lewisville, Texas, and Tampa, Florida, in addition to Ruston. “Our initial five-year hiring goal for this office was 90 employees, and I’m proud that we surpassed that goal and we are so appreciative of the support that Ruston has given us.”

MCS has grown from the original 18 Ruston-based employees in 2012 to now more than 120 full-time equivalents, including 19 in leadership positions. In addition, the 20,000-square-foot business center is double the size of the original 2012 facility.

The company attributes the success of the Louisiana office to the availability of well-educated employees from surrounding colleges as well as the positive workplace environment the company worked hard to cultivate.

“We are a service-focused company, so investing in our talent has been critical to our success,” said Chad Mosley, COO of MCS’ Solutions division. “The outstanding service our Ruston employees provide differentiates us from competitors. We are excited to continue to build upon this momentum over the next five years.”

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