About Us

Founded in 1986, MCS is a leading property services provider working across Commercial Properties, Single-Family Rentals, and the Property Preservation industry. Our offerings include property inspections, preservation, maintenance, re-models and other interior and exterior property-related services.

Our Story

The success of MCS is the result of our continuous focus on building long-term relationships with our clients based upon trust and integrity. MCS is trusted by some of the largest and most respected mortgage servicers, real estate owners and operators, retailers and corporations to service and maintain their properties.

Founded in 1986, the company established itself as one of the leading default and property preservation providers for the mortgage industry, building relationships with many of the largest financial institutions across the country. In 2022, MCS expanded its property service offerings to cover commercial properties and the fast-growing single-family rental industry, leveraging its technology and existing infrastructure to provide best-in-class customer service to even more satisfied clients.

To support its business expansion, MCS also began to establish a national network of self-performing service centers in 2022 to augment its extensive vendor network. This hybrid service model, along with the use of innovative technologies, ensures transparency, enhances quality control and code compliance, and maximizes efficiencies.

To further expand its commercial property service offerings, MCS acquired industry-leading Chain Store Maintenance in early 2023 to serve as its interior commercial facility services platform complementing the extensive exterior services provided by MCS.

Multiple Sites to Provide Redundancy & Overflow

MCS is headquartered in Lewisville, TX with additional operational and support sites in Ruston, LA; Tampa, FL; and Attleboro, MA, home to Chain Store Maintenance – an MCS Company.

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Operations Support Teams in Each Support Site

From management to client relations, to two layers of quality assurance teams, support teams ensure work orders are processed timely and monitored for accuracy.

Servicing Every Market

Our established, certified service provider network provides service in every zip code. MCS has reliable commercial services that protect the value of your properties and deliver on-time, exceptional results.


Service Centers

Regional service centers located in key metro areas to help you manage properties across the nation.

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Columbus, OH
  • Dallas, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Orlando, FL
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Tuscon, AZ

MCS By the Numbers

Our success is grounded in our commitment to integrity and quality service to our partners and clients.

Properties Serviced Annually

MCS360 allows for an optimal level of service for any client, regardless of size, while maintaining speed, without sacrificing quality. Achieving success in this highly-regulated environment means your properties are handled with the same sophistication, quality, and care.

Years of Service Integrity

MCS has protected and served communities across the nation since 1986. MCS has developed robust processes and platforms out of a highly-regulated environment, the proven ability to handle large volumes of properties, and a record of recruiting and monitoring a substantial service partner network.

Certified Service Partners

MCS’ performance results, scorecard comparisons and industry reputation demonstrate our commitment to quality. Our service partners are consistently vetted, ranked and prioritized based on responsiveness, lead times, quality of work, and reviews.


The focus on quality is at the core of MCS’ culture and operating strategy. MCS has set itself apart as a quality field services provider for many years. This has been achieved by placing an emphasis on quality assurance at every level of the organization. MCS utilizes a multi-faceted approach starting with the individual work order review. There is also a quality component added by our vendor management group as it relates to the quality of each vendor’s work. Lastly, our quality assurance department provides an independent review of a sampling of inspections and work orders.

We believe that the focus on and commitment to quality assurance at MCS surpasses that of any other field service provider and is quantified based on our performance results, scorecard comparisons, and overall reputation in the industry.

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MCS360 uses our web-based, multi-functional, proprietary technology platform which offers our clients immediate access to field service history, cost estimators, and extensive photo documentation of all services completed. MCS360 is a premier field services platform in the industry in terms of its ease in navigation and configurability. In addition, MCS has proven its ability to react swiftly to enhancement requests based on client and/or industry needs.


With a management team containing over 750 combined years of experience in the financial services industry, MCS is able to offer unparalleled suggestions and best practices on how to resolve challenges as they arise. Furthermore, the close relationships that MCS has with investors and insurers enable MCS to quickly assist in the event that an issue arises or if there is an industry need.

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MCS is committed to providing our clients with up-to-date local ordinance information for municipalities across the United States, and we remain current on hot topics, regulatory trends and updates, applicable laws, and investor requirements. MCS acts as the liaison between the municipalities and our clients, serving to help stabilize communities and eliminate neighborhood blight. MCS provides a united effort to support local governments by participating at statewide code enforcement association conferences, and we visit many cities throughout the U.S. for one-on-one discussions. Collaboration with these organizations and cities has helped bridge the gap between servicers and municipalities, specifically the code compliance and code enforcement departments within local governments. Our clients, their customers, as well as communities across the country, have benefited as a result of the communication between all parties, and local code officials now have contacts to resolve newly identified issues quickly.

In addition, MCS collaborates with working groups and participates on related panels at industry conferences to help lead and shape the ever-changing regulatory landscape of our industry. MCS leverages its over 35-year history and experienced management team to understand the guidelines of all major investor and insurer types, and results in our ability to manage large portfolios of HUD, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and VA loan types.