Property Registration

More and more often, municipalities are enacting rules that require loan servicers to register properties that are in default. Tracking the enacted ordinances, which includes identifying municipalities and their registration requirements, as well as completing the actual property registration, is something that MCS is experienced in and well-qualified to handle.

Registration Services

Property Registration, Re-Registration and De-Registration

MCS facilitates property registration services on behalf of our clients, while adhering to required code compliance and property registration local ordinances. We process both foreclosure and vacant property registrations ensuring all mandatory forms and fees are provided to the proper municipal contact. Lastly, we monitor timeframes and renew registrations as needed and will de-register the property upon notification of our client’s disposition of that property.

Property Registration Research

MCS completes property registration research for our clients, to determine if registration action is required.

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Find out how MCS successfully undertook the property registration responsibility for one of the nation’s leading mortgage servicers.

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