Mortgage Contracting Services Executive Conversation with HousingWire

Today's low default market provides opportunities for innovation, tech and growth

LEWISVILLE, Texas, Jan 10, 2019 - Chad Mosley Headshot

In HousingWire's latest Executive Conversation series, Chad Mosley, COO of MCS, and Marti Diaz, Chief Human Resources Officer at MCS, talk about the opportunity to innovate in a low default environment and how MCS is preparing its technology, processes and people for growth.

"When companies are very busy, it can be a challenge to be innovative," said Chad Mosley in the interview. "Obviously, in 2018 default and vacancy volumes have been down, which has provided us an opportunity to focus on some new technology initiatives that we’re very excited about."

Marti Diaz Headshot

Marti Diaz explains, "When business is crazy, the focus is on clients and taking care of the business at hand. 2019 is going to give us the opportunity to focus on our people as well. We do feel strongly that when the market turns, we will have the right people in place to take MCS to another level."

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