Mortgage Contracting Services Discusses the Property Preservation Industry Moving Forward

In the Q2 Property Preservation Review, MCS discusses how the property preservation industry keeps moving forward while stuck in a pandemic

LEWISVILLE,Texas, Jul 21, 2020 -

"While effective communication and collaboration have long been the key to success for property preservation companies, there has never been a greater need for these critical core competencies," says Marti Diaz, CHRO at MCS. Communicating frequently, effectively, compassionately, and with purpose has become a mantra for many in the industry."

"Although the industry has faced unprecedented challenges in the last few months, organizations have reacted with grace, perseverance, and an eagerness to help. Perhaps Caroline Reaves, MCS CEO, said it best when she added, “In the most challenging of times, we have really seen the best in people and in organizations. There has just been more kindness.”

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