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When natural disasters strike, rapid damage assessments are vital to save lives, reduce suffering, protect property and facilitate recovery. Our comprehensive disaster assessment services accurately document property damage and support the recovery process for property owners.

For inspectors/assessors seeking employment, we offer the opportunity to make a meaningful impact by joining a team dedicated to excellence in disaster response and property protection.

Comprehensive Property Assessment & Disaster Inspection Services

Accurate assessments of damages are essential for property owners to file insurance claims and for governments to determine the eligibility for disaster aid and assistance. Disaster inspections provide a detailed assessment of the extent and nature of damage to structures and infrastructure, helping determine what repairs are needed, and ensure the safety of occupants before they re-enter damaged structures.

MCS is Ready To Respond



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MCS Responds to All Types of Disaster Declarations

home flooding disaster
• Drought
• Earthquake
• Explosion
• Fire
• Flood
• High water
• Hurricane
• Landslide
• Mudslide
• Snowstorm
• Storm
• Tidal wave
• Tornado
• Tsunami
• Volcanic eruption
• Wind-driven water


Whether you’re an industry veteran or looking for a new earning opportunity, we’re always looking for motivated and diligent individuals to join the MCS network of Disaster Inspectors.

Disaster Inspector
Readiness Responsibilities:

  • Maintain ALL issued equipment consistent with MCS and other governing policies.
  • Stay current with and adhere to all clauses of the Code of Conduct, Safety Policy, company training, availability, timekeeping and travel reimbursement policies.
  • Satisfactorily complete all required mission and duty ready training to be eligible to conduct disaster housing damage assessments.
  • Acquire sufficient safety attire to work in declared disaster areas, tools for measuring, and a mobile device (phone) for communicating with home office and disaster survivors.

Disaster Inspector Deployment Responsibilities:

  • Arrive at disaster field office at appointed date and time and receive briefing and equipment as necessary. Expected arrival onsite is within 24 hrs. of deployment, dependent on travel method and flight availability.
  • Perform damage and loss assessments with disaster survivors on a first-in, first-out basis.
  • Conduct damage assessments according to assigned specifications and Inspection Guidelines.


MCS Disaster Inspectors are independent contractors who can be deployed when a disaster (i.e., fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.) has occurred and there has been a disaster declaration by FEMA. The length of deployments for disaster declarations varies based on size and the amount of damage caused by the event.

building damage inspector
contactor outside of house


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Find resources and current information, including how to apply for federal assistance, during these ongoing major disaster declarations.
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Want to stay informed on potential tropical storm and hurricane activity? Monitor directly from the source at the National Hurricane Center!
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All inspectors are reimbursed for allowable field expenses and will receive the per diem rates while deployed and meeting per diem requirements.
Reimbursable Travel Expenses: Airfare, lodging, POV mileage, rail/taxis/public transportation, rental car, fuel for rental car, tolls/parking, national travel transaction fees: booking fees for airfare, hotel and meals.
Meals: housing inspectors will be compensated for meals and incidental expenses. The amount will be in accordance with the federal GSA rate schedule for the location of performance.