Other Services

MCS offers a variety of other services to accompany our property inspection, property preservation and REO property maintenance services.  Click on the link below to view some of our services offered.  If you don't see the service you are interested in listed, please let us know by filling out our questions or comments form.  We'll be happy to let you know if it is something we are capable of providing.

Property Registration Services

MCS will facilitate the processing and completion of property registration services on behalf of the client. This includes the research of ordinances and completion of the property registration, renewal and/or de-registration as required.

Environmental Remediation

MCS provides support with the research, identification and resolution of biohazards including: black mold infestations, chemical or oil spills, meth labs, deceased habitants, Chinese drywall remediation, asbestos issues, lead paint contamination and other biohazard issues.

Police Report

Upon request, MCS will contact the appropriate law enforcement officials to obtain the official documentation for cases of theft, vandalism and/or any other event at the property warranting a fire or police report.

Utility Activation/Deactivation

MCS will facilitate all utility related functions for each REO property serviced. MCS will coordinate with local utility providers and municipalities to manage the activation, ongoing service, and deactivation for each utility service that is necessary for each property. MCS will review utility related expenses and will submit invoices, including related supporting documentation and MCS fees, to the client for payment.

Utility Payment Processing

MCS will process utility reimbursements to agents/brokers on behalf of the client for utility expenses related to properties serviced by MCS. Agents/brokers will submit documentation, including invoices and proof of payment, to MCS for their utility expenses related to the activation, ongoing service and deactivation of all necessary utility services for each REO property. MCS will review the utility documentation to ensure that reimbursements to agents/brokers are properly supported and will reimburse agents/brokers timely. MCS will submit invoices to the client based on reimbursements paid to agents/brokers and the related MCS fees.