Code Compliance Officers

As a national property preservation company serving many national banks, lenders and mortgage servicers, it is essential for MCS to be actively involved in code enforcement communities across the nation. To further our presence with code enforcement representatives, MCS is in constant communication with code enforcement officials on a daily basis. We work with and rely on our extensive network of property preservation and inspection vendors and sub-contractors located within your jurisdictions to maintain compliance with all local codes and ordinances. Our Code Compliance team regularly speaks at code enforcement summits, conferences and meetings in an attempt to educate code officers on the default servicing process. If your city, county or local jurisdiction would like for MCS to visit your office and offer a free training session on the default servicing process, please email our compliance department

MCS is committed to working with our clients to comply with all local codes and ordinances. If you are a code enforcement representative and encounter a property within your jurisdiction not meeting local code requirements, please fill out a code compliance request form. We will work with you to determine if the property in question is currently serviced by MCS or another field service company. If the property is serviced by MCS, we will work with you and our clients to arrange for the resolution of code violation issues.

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