MCS offers a comprehensive suite of products for attorneys to facilitate property preservation and property inspection solutions. Our products allow attorneys to focus on the legal aspects of the default process while leaving field work in our capable hands at a cost competitive price allowing counsel to build a value added representation.

Code Compliance
In addition to being an industry leader and participant in numerous national and local code enforcement summits and associations, MCS maintains relationships with thousands of local code enforcement officers.  We are a national company with local focus and relationships. We can assist your office in navigating the maze of regulations and offer solutions to complex violation issues. MCS is also available to provide local experts on various matters for court and affidavit purposes - leaving counsel free to focus on the legal aspects of the defense of institutional clients. Violation reporting, repair proposals, testimony and expert witness support are but a few of our service offerings for attorneys in this area.

MCS has performed thousands of personal property and tenant evictions. We meet the law enforcement official at the designated time and, under their direction, restore possession of the premises to the lawful title holders. We offer full indemnification for our eviction services and specialize in "special" situations.

Testimony and Affidavits
MCS' vendors are available to assist with litigation matters. MCS' contractors will make visual observations regarding conditions which are the subject of litigation and either provide testimonial evidence of their observations and/or execute affidavits which may serve the same purpose. 48 hour results are available in most instances.

Expert Advice - Industry Leaders
MCS conducts seminars and facilitates discussions on emerging trends and current hot topics in the industry. MCS' executive team are active participants in both USFN and ALFN events nationwide. Put our expert advice and perspective to use for you and your clients!

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