MCS is Named One of the Top 30 Companies to Work for in Mortgage and Servicing by MReport
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Nov 9, 2020 | News

MReport has named MCS as one of their Top 30 Companies to work for in Mortgage and Servicing.

Some of the perks and benefits that put MCS on the list are mentioned in the article. MCS has been offering the opportunity to work from home since March, and more than 95% of our workforce is currently taking advantage of that option. We have committed to continuing that option through the remainder of 2020. MCS has increased flex time benefits that allow employees even greater flexibility when choosing a work schedule that best fits their needs. MCS honors employees when they hit milestone anniversary years with cash awards and special recognition at company events. Nearly 100% of team leads, supervisors, and managers were promoted from within MCS, and the majority of the company’s executive leaders have been promoted from within as well. MCS offers training to get new hires up to speed quickly and a defined, purposeful career path for those who are interested in moving up within the company.

The full list can be viewed in the November issue of MReport.

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For 35 years, MCS has protected, preserved, and served communities across the nation. Some of the largest and most respected banks, lenders, and mortgage servicers, as well as real estate and insurance companies, trust MCS to perform property inspections, property preservation, REO property maintenance, property registrations, HOA, Utility Services, and other property-related services in all 50 states. MCS has a history of providing these services in a highly regulated environment, the proven ability to handle large volumes of properties, and a record of recruiting and monitoring a substantial vendor network.